From caterer to equipment rental ... we do it all!

At HOAMCO, our services go well beyond community association management. We're also dedicated to bringing communities closer together.

Through our Concierge and Lifestyle Services, we help association committees plan and execute a wide range of social events, from seminars to block parties. We work with your individual budget, understand your goals, and make sure all bases are covered.

We're Experts

Our team of Concierges aren't simply party planners. They're specialists at promoting community bonding and relationship building. Whatever your event might be, we have the people and experience to give your community that important sense of belonging.

We're Flexible

Whether you're interested in throwing a pool party, offer safety courses, or planning a group trip away from your community, we're flexible enough to help you with just about any logistical need to make your event happen as you envision it.

We're the only ones you have to call

Even a low-key event may require everything from a caterer to equipment rental. Regardless of your event's size and scope, we have relationships with quality service providers so you can worry less about the work and more about the fun.

We're affordable and budget-conscious

Let's face it. Throwing a party or event isn't always cheap. That's what makes HOAMCO's Concierge and Lifestyle Services such a great benefit to your community. We're here to help you do more with your budget and give your community the best experience possible.

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