HOAMCO… Your Planned Community Partner

When developing master planned communities, great care in implementing and carrying out the vision created by you as a developer is critical. HOAMCO, with its 17 plus years experience in association management, will help you with this very important process through a host of services that will ensure your master planned community is prepared for all phases of development from your first sale through transition.

HOAMCO will work closely with you to establish the policies and programs tailored to work most effectively for your communities’ growth. We do this with a knowledgeable and dedicated team, who bring together their collective experiences in partnering with you to create a great community.

Your customized program will include, but not be limited to:

  • Obtain Federal Employee Identification Number for association
  • Assist in developing policies that align with the culture of your community.
  • Obtain association insurance from brokers who understand homeowners association special requirements
  • Provide access to CPAs experienced in specialized area of association fund accounting for tax return preparation and audits, reviews or compilations
  • Community Set-Up
  • Formulate Welcome Packets for new owners
  • Act as liaison between you and the homeowner
  • Establish appropriate service contacts
  • Develop first year and build-out budgets
  • Review draft Bylaws, CC&Rs and Architectural Design Guidelines

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