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If your assessments are due monthly or quarterly, auto debit is for you. Not available for annual or semi-annual assessment.

Enroll in Auto Debit and avoid the hassle of late fees and check writing when paying your HOA assessments. Preauthorized charges to your bank account will be processed, when due, for the amount owing on your account, at no additional charge to you. The payments will be automatically deposited into your association’s checking/savings account between the 8th and 12th day of the month and appear on your monthly bank statement. It’s easy! To enroll, simply complete the form below and click “Submit.”

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I (we) hereby authorize Community Asset Management, LLC., d.b.a. HOAMCO herein referred to as MANAGER, as agent for the association named above to initiate debit entries for balance due on my account to my (our) checking/savings account at my depository *

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